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Matlab files in this directory:

 align_streamsAligns several cont/cstream variables on time, and sticks them all together
 cont2ceventcont2cevent Convert cont variable to cevent one
 cont2cstreamcont2cstream Convert cont data to cstream data
 cont2eventcont2event Covert cont data to event data
 cont_addcont_add makes a new cont. variable by adding up several other ones
 cont_best_overlapcont_best_overlap attempts to align one cont value to the other
 cont_best_turntakingcont_best_turntaking attempts to align one cont value to the other
 cont_butterworth_lowpasscont_butterworth_lowpass Zero-phrase buttherworth low-pass filter
 cont_derivatecont_derivate Calcuate the derivate of cont data
 cont_divideDivide the values in a continuous variable by a constant value.
 cont_dominantcalculate which cont. variable is dominant in the group
 cont_extract_rangesExtract ranges of data from continuous or cstream data
 cont_integrationcont_integration Calcuate the integration of cont data
 cont_pad_with_nansFill in gaps in cont or cstream data using NaN
 cont_resamplecont_resample resample cont variable to given sampling rate
 cont_sampled_intervalscont_sampled_intervals finds all intervals when data exists in given var.
 cont_speedcont_speed calculates the speed based on a continuous position.
 cont_time_shiftcont_time_shift shifts the timestamps for a cont variable by OFFSET.
 ts2contts2cont Convert timeseries to cont variable

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