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Matlab files in this directory:

 event2ceventevent2cevent: Convert (binary) event data to category event data
 event2contevent2cont Convert (binary) event data to cont data
 event2cstreamevent2cstream: Convert (binary) event data to cstream data
 event2timeseriests = event2timeseries(event)
 event_ANDevent_AND Return the intersection of two event data
 event_NOTevent_NOT: Return the complement of given event, within the bounds of time_period
 event_ORevent_OR Return the union set of two event data
 event_XORevent_XOR returns the times when exactly one of event1 or event2 is active.
 event_duration_histA histogram of the duration of the events in an event variable
 event_expandextends the end of each event to the beginning of the next one
 event_longestreturns one instance of the event, whichever is longest
 event_numberevent_number counts the number of occurrences of the given event
 event_relative_intervalsevent_relative_intervals - find time relative to start or end of events
 event_setdiffEVENT_SETDIFF subtract one event from another
 event_sort_by_timeSort the events according to a specified time column
 event_total_lengthevent_total_length Return the sum of the durations of all the periods
 events2ceventEVENTS2CEVENT takes several events and combines them into a single cevent
 find_event_indicesGiven some events and some time stamps, find which event contains each stamp
 find_first_eventsFind the first link in chains of overlapping events
 get_event_in_scopeevent_in_scope: Return part of the events that is in the scope
 get_event_oppositeThis function get the durations that are not within the event ranges but

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