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 draw_corr_csv[g, data] = draw_corr_csv(csv1, column1, csv2, column2, IDs)
 draw_cross_correlation_plotssee demo_draw_cross_correlation_plots for documentation
 draw_csv_grouprequired: csv file name, and grouping file name or Nx2 matrix
 draw_motion_scatterIDs can be experiment IDs or a list of subjects
 generate_toy_heatmapsGENERATE_TOY_HEATMAPS Summary of this function goes here
 generate_toy_heatmaps_csvGENERATE_TOY_HEATMAPS Summary of this function goes here
 group_csv_datacdata = group_csv_data(csv, grouping, IDs);
 plot_chunksPLOT_CHUNKS plots each chunk in a separate graph in one plot window
 view_data_panelsdata_column is a Nx1 matrix
 vis_histsee demo_vis_hist.m for documentation
 vis_streamsPlots visualized cstream or cevent data
 vis_streams_animationcut table to be more accurate
 vis_streams_dataeach element of celldata is a cstream or cevent data
 vis_streams_filessee demo_vis_streams_files for documentation
 vis_streams_multiworksee demo_vis_streams_multiwork for documentation
 visualize_basic_stats_per_objectsubexpIDs - array of experiments IDs or subject IDs
 visualize_cevent_patternsThis is a plotting function for visualizing temperol pattens

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